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high school. he was a student in two dozen to. he started talking to an employee and a school resource officer. he was acting oddly and revealed he was a victim of bullying. he was not armed and had no threats. the next day they found a search -- had a search warrant and found several assault weapons at his home. two 8 millimeter bold action rivals, and handguns with a laser sight. the case seven was loaded with a 30-round magazine. one of the handguns was also loaded. all those things were seized and beaumont was taken into custody. >> we live in an age that will never be the same again after connecticut. we thought 9/11 was a harbinger of a different era and it was.
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post-connecticut, we have got to recognize as an agency, as a nation, as a state that our school children, we have to take these kinds of precautionary investigative steps to make sure. >> police tell us of beaumont is the lawfully registered owner of those weapons. he is charged with trespassing but he is undergoing a mental evaluation. county school officials to admit that security improvements need to happen at north county high. >> our other big story. guilty after three days of deliberations. a baltimore jury convicted michael johnson of the murder of phylicia barnes. >> the jury's verdict came before lunch after nine and a half hours of deliberation,
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bringing to a close a long time of this case. if got national attention and tore apart families. the jury's decision that michael johnson committed second degree murder and 2.5 investigation of her death. >> i can breathe a little bit now. >> we will put our pieces together and we will keep moving on. >> it is what is and we still feel in our heart that michael johnson is not guilty. >> johnson had always been a suspect in the case. he was indicted last april a phylicia's body felicia' was recovered. >> i asked him are you ok and he said i am numb. he is in shock and disbelief.
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>> the case depended heavily on the testimony of an inmate. he claimed johnson called him the day that phylicia disappeared. he got the date in department location wrong but prosecutors used him to argue premeditated first-degree murder. the jury rejected that count. >> anytime you bring a high- profile murder case such as this you have to have a first-degree conviction and they did not. i think that speaks volumes for the case and when you see the jury come back with a second degree on this type of case then that shows a compromise on a number of issues the jury was having as well. >> we are prepared to take a court -- tough cases to court when we feel the evidence warrants and at the end of the day this is about phylicia barnes and her family.
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>> sentencing is set for march. the maximum penalty is 30 years. prosecutors told jurors he was getting nothing for his testimony. according to court records the offte thgot 10 days knocked the sentence he was serving for car theft. >> we know the name of the teenager who was stabbed to death downtown as hundreds of thousands of people were leaving the ravens victory celebration. beyonte smith was killed nine blocks from the parade route at howard and feehan streets. detectives confirm the brawl was not related to the super bowl festivities. there will be releasing pictures of the suspect as they continue their investigation. a hartford county man is behind
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bars charged with a double shooting. he fired the shots that killed a 17-year-old and a man he was with. detectives are investigating a tip that the victim may have gone to a nearby park to purchase marijuana when they were shot. the other victim, christopher cousins, remains at shop, at this hour with multiple gunshot wounds but we're told he is in good condition. >> a woman was murdered in front of two young children, police said. the latest on the investigation. >> police do have a suspect in custody but it is not the victim's husband. a former acquaintance. they're identifying him as a 33-year-old man until formal charges are filed. >> is so sad. i keep looking over their.
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quex her friend is still struggling to understand the loss. around 10:00 p.m. tuesday night a neighbor called 911 after hearing a commotion in the apartment in owings mills. >> they discover the door was locked from the inside and they were not able to immediately gain entry. i unit responded to the scene and there were able to get in. >> police found the body of heidel, stabbed multiple times. and two children who were not harmed. >> the suspect was not inside. >> it is scary. it is really scary. that is why we have our own protection. >> police say there were no signs of forced entry. wednesday morning they took a suspect into custody.
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>> the victim is married. the suspect is not her husband. he was out of state at the time. we do not believe there is a romantic relationship. we do know they are quinces from several years ago. >> for her friends the damage is done. she will be sorely missed, they said. >> i hope whoever did this, they need to know how good of a person she was. she had a small baby and now she does not have a mother. this is sad. >> police say her husband has been notified and is making his way home. there is no word on how the to the children are coping. >> sunshine in parts of the area. clubs were persistent across the northern regions but we had sunshine and i got temperatures
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back to normal, giving us a clean sweep on a steed doppler. a little bit on the crazy side and it is cool. -- cooler side. one is coming up from the gulf. these will combine on the midlantic and form one powerful nor'easter late friday into saturday. baltimore will be on the southern fringe of that activity. we will see how much wintry weather we can expect as that storm develops. the 7 day forecast in a couple of minutes. >> the new report released today shows the city does not make -- if the city does not make major cuts and reforms bankruptcy may be the only option. some reaction to the report. >> the report put out by philadelphia based public financial management, inc. shows with the city's books will look like in 10 years. aggregator pour the news is not good. meaning deep cuts could be on the way. >> if we act now, if we act
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decisively and boldly, we can change the trajectory for the city. >> mayor stephanie rawlings on the defensive. baltimore may be in financial ruin by fiscal year 22 -- 2022. take a closer look at the numbers. in 10 years the city will be $745 million in the hole. add to that an additional $1.30 billion for failing infrastructure as well as health-care and pension benefits for retirees and you're talking more than $2 billion in the hole. >> this report is a wake-up call to the city say we need to get the finances in order. our expenses are somewhat less than our revenue. thompson university
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economist said the numbers are concerned because the city cannot tax our way out without losing residents and businesses. baltimore's property-tax in income-tax rates are the highest in the state. unfortunately pension reform is the big elephant in the room and the mayor has a terribly hard job in front of her. >> there are decisions that will prove to be unpopular in the short run. >> while the mayor did not offer any specific details for the future, she did highlight four key themes for cuts including identifying strategies to align recurring revenues, reducing property and income taxes, addressing infrastructure, and addressing the city's long-term viability. lemaire did tell us that she would specifically address what cuts will be made in her state of the city address coming up
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next week. if you'd like to take a closer look at the report, would provide it on our website, >> thank you. still to come. major streets in annapolis close. they're back open. the changes had nothing to do with accidents. >> president obama touchdown on marine one. what he needs from senate democrats. >> the video that will have you talking still ahead. pluss -- >> the crowd goes wild. >> the crowd goes wild. i got it when we could download an hd movie in like two minutes.
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all with our worry free guarantee. it's a 100% fiber optic network so you get unmatched consistency and reliability. visit today. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's at 800-974-6006 tty/v. and experience the incredible difference of america's fastest, most consistent, most reliable internet: verizon fios. >> president obama's says he wants all democrats behind in this term and yesterday the unification process in annapolis. he lettered a preview of next week's state of the union address hoping to get senate democrats on board with his push for medicare and immigration reform, budget issues, and a ban on assault weapons.
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a warning from defense secretary leon panetta that automatic spendinge board cuts would damage national security. the cuts take effect on march 1 unless congress can agree on a deficit-reduction plan. sally kidd has the latest on the republican plan from our washington bureau. >> republican members of the house and senate armed services committee say their proposal would achieve $85 billion in savings without raising taxes. the republican plan calls for reduction in the federal work force through attrition and a pay freeze for members of congress. >> this is the way of doing it without cutting defense is -- defenses and without raising taxes. >> sequestration will be delayed for one year while congress works on a long-term deficit reduction plan.
5:16 pm
>> every discussion we occurred from the president seems to begin and end with tax increases. >> the white house says the gop plan is not balanced. >> they do not have the support of the american people. compromise solutions have the support of the american people. >> without action by march 1, $500 billion in arbitrary and across-the-board cuts to defense and domestic programs will take effect. >> this is not a game. >> leanne panetta accused members of congress of playing politics with national security. >> if these cuts happen, there will be a serious disruption in defense programs and a sharp decline in our military readiness. >> he said the result would be cutbacks in military operations and troop training and the furlough of 800,000 civilian defense workers. he says the fear of sequestration has forced the
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department to put in place a hiring freeze layoff temporary -- a freeze and a layoff of a temporary workers. >> in tonight's medical alert, counterfeitt the counter f version of a cancer drug. it does not contain the active ingredient that treat cancer. it is packaged as a turkish version of avastin. the number of people diagnosed with alzheimer's disease is expected to triple over the next 40 years. researchers studied 10,000 adults ages 65 and older. there were in different -- interviewed and tested for dementia every three years.
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estimated the number of people with alzheimer's in 2015 will exceed 13 million. experts say the aging baby boomer generation is contributing to the numbers. if your child is like most, he or she is terrified of shots. a team of college students is hoping to change that with a video game called filibusters -- flu busters. >> it is designed to ease fears of getting any flu vaccine. if players make the right choices they can walk away virus free. it was greeted by college professor and a group of students to remember how scary vaccines can sometimes be to a child. >> sunshine helping out temperatures. we had a high temperature above the normal.
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44 degrees officially. 43 is average. that is pretty close to normal. averaging it out, we're close to what we could expect on february 6. a 72 degree record high and one degree low going back to 1895. we had some clouds through the northern tier of the state through the pennsylvania line. it has fallen apart and we're able to sneak in some clearing late in the day. above the southern part it was mostly clear for the bulk of the day. that is where the warmer temperatures were. we're seeing readings in the mid-30's across the northern tier. milder down south where they had more sunshine. temperatures in the low- to the mid 40's. cold temperatures will the bill tonight. 20 in the outlying suburbs. 30 downtown. sunset at 5:33 p.m. this front helped to produce some of the cloud cover.
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developing on the gulf coast, an area of low pressure is starting to form. they will combine into a fairly powerful coastal storm friday into saturday. most of the wintry impact will be to the north. we get through tomorrow evening's rush hour just fine but it will be cloudy in chile. as the moisture from the storm combined with cold there you will see the system producing some precipitation late tomorrow evening. 11:00 p.m. and beyond midnight. it might be cold enough for some snow, sleet, or freezing rain. certainly some snow in the mountains. on friday it changes to rein and it be -- could be steady. new england is looking at this note -- at a heavy snowfall.
5:21 pm
there will get hit with a powerful nor'easter that puts the snow down into saturday. as the storm cranks up our rain could change to snow friday and into saturday. it would be a surprise if we get some accumulation. and saturday afternoon the storm pulls away. we will see some clearing as the storm depart. it will be kind of messy. the morning and evening rush hour is ok. friday morning rush-hour be -- will be impacted. 38, almost 40 degrees. arrange car and that mixes with -- when the weather changes over terrain. the eastern shore could pick up some heavy rain.
5:22 pm
increasing clouds and a steady to heavy rain on friday with gusty winds at ocean city. a wintry mix, rein in the afternoon friday. snow in the morning saturday. clearing out on saturday. a nice looking fiddes to the weekend before more wet weather arrives on monday of next week. >> a powerful earthquake slams in the south pacific damaging homes and generating a tsunami. the latest on the death toll and the search for survivors. >> the gun-control legislation draws a huge, emotionally charged crowd of protesters. details at 6. >> if you have noticed gas prices going up you are not
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>> the average american household spends $2,900 on gasoline. that is 4% of the income before taxes. >> if you feel that in the past week or so you probably noticed gas prices have gone up.
5:26 pm
we talked to an expert to find out why. >> motorists are noticing the final bill seems a little more than it usually does this time of year. >> they're getting awful high. it is something we have to do and pay for. >> prices have surged more than 15 cents in one week bringing the national average to $3.54. that is the highest ever recorded in the beginning of very great consumers are used to sing gas prices rise when spring arrives but not this early. prof. mark johnson said there are a number of reasons for the increase. >> we have a lot of issues with the refineries. we have refineries that are not at full capacity. >> the maintenance period wind up with economic growth.
5:27 pm
>> you put that together with the maintenance period, it is a perfect storm. be sure your pickles are maintained and maximize your trip. >> gas stations often offer discounts. take advantage of credit card companies that offer rebates for buying gas. be patient. prices should start to creep down. down.
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how hard you're watching wbal tv >> a frederick county jury store robbery, and camera. three masked men used pepper spray, forcing employees to the ground. one of the suspect is under arrest. identified as a 31-year-old
5:30 pm
virginia man. >> to others still on the list. we paid the family a visit to find out what those men were after. >> it was yesterday afternoon around 1:45 p.m. when one of the man walked into this a jewelry store. you're looking at surveillance video of a robbery in progress. three suspects were armed with handguns and pepper spray and according to the owner they did not have a lot to say. >> i do not think they said anyone thing. there were motioning for everyone to get down. >> the family has owned this business for 65 years to. >> we do not think things happen like that in frederick. evil has come to frederick, it
5:31 pm
is sad to say. >> according to police, the thieves were interested in high dollar items in this display case. >> we do not have the exact dollar amount of the jury that was taken. that will be followed up later on this afternoon but it will be in the high dollar range. over $100,000. >> after spraying pepper spray, they fled in a black vehicle. >> the community has been outstanding. they're providing tips and information. they describe a black pickup truck leaving at a high rate of speed. we're following up. as we develop more information we will release it. >> they were thankful no one was injured. >> i am probably not supposed to say much about that. they got a lot of stuff. that is not important to me. as long as my staff is ok. >> here is a look at some of our other top stories.
5:32 pm
we're following a developing story out of anne arundel county. the glen burnie man is in a mental health hospital after a bizarre series of events that began at north county high school. justin, was caught trespassing in a building before 2:00 p.m. and they learned that beaumont is a former student and said he was a victim of bullying. police uncovered nearly a dozen firearms inside the suspects, including a loaded ak-47 rifle. a bold action rifle, and an assault weapon. legally eagerl the city jury delivered a guilty verdict in the trial of michael johnson. jurors deliberated for three days before convicting him in the slaying of phylicia barnes. her body was found four months later after she disappeared.
5:33 pm
johnson killed barnes in her sister's apartment and used a 35 gallon tub to move the body. he faces up to 30 years in prison. sentencing is on march 20. a suspect in custody for the murder of a baltimore county wife and mother. katie heidel was stabbed multiple times but the children were not harmed. her husband was out of town at the time of her death. we only know the suspect is 33 and is an old acquaintance of the victim. >> a policy that has been around for more than a century will remain intact at least for a few more months. a vote on the issue was delayed until may. j. gray has an update. >> the boy scouts of america will stick with their policy of
5:34 pm
banning gay scouts and gay leaders. the released a written statement which read in part, due to the complexity of this issue the organization needs time for more deliver it review of its membership policy. dozens of protesters gathered outside the boy scouts of america headquarters in texas urging the board not to change the rules that have been in place for more than 100 years. >> we have already made plans and we will be shutting down our troop and turning in our charters. it is no longer a safe place for our boys. >> bsa has been forced to rethink the policy months after affirming the ban. over 1 million signatures were delivered supporting the change. >> when you tell child your
5:35 pm
parents are not good enough it takes a toll on that child. it is not ok. >> religious groups are clearly split on the issue. >> the decision should be left up to the organizations. it is depending on your group and how they feel. >> the group will take up the controversial policy at their meeting in late may. >> there are nearly 8 million student athletes nationwide and now new call to give them a bill of rights. >> would it include -- how it will change high-school sports. >> a devastating fall. lindsay vaughn has a badly damaged knee. what about her plans for the winter olympics? >> hundreds of gun rights
5:36 pm
activists converge on a protest
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>> she is down, heavily. >> that is hard to watch. you can hear her crying out in pain. lindsay vaughn will not compete again this season but a coach said he expects her to heal in time for the 2014 winter games. those games kick off one year from today. now for the latest on an earthquake and tsunami. officials say four people are presumed dead. the five-foot waves that slammed four villages on the island of santa cruz was triggered by a powerful 8.0 earthquake and dozens of aftershocks. officials have struggled to reach the remote areas.
5:40 pm
one of the victims was fishing when the first wave hit and it swept him out to sea. between 70 and 80 homes were damaged and many villagers have not been able to make it to higher ground. >> police in denver said three children are among the victims in at shooting in a denver home. a third child is listed in critical condition. a woman was also found dead. the home where happened was occupied by a family of five but is not clear if the victims are members of the family. police will not confirm a suspect but say they have reason to believe it is an isolated incident. >> the u.s. postal service bites the bullet. announcing some big changes to save money. a full report in consumer alert. >> please welcome the break, the incredible, the champion, ray rice.
5:41 pm
>> fresh off the super bowl win, rice made a live appearance. what he had to say about spending 34 minutes off the field. >> we're keeping a close eye on developing coastal storms. the insta-weatherplus report is coming up. ??
5:42 pm
rex good afternoon. here is look at what we're working on at 6:00 p.m. jurors deliver the verdict in the trial of michael jackson. reaction from both families. the governor made a pitch for gun-control proponents are expressing their views loud and clear.
5:43 pm
a live report from annapolis. the stories for you and more
5:44 pm
>> yesterday's victory parade showed the ravens hall strong football pride can be. 200,000 strong. ray rice rolling in with teammates. one of the best moments of his career. >> and on to new york. the running back made an appearance on "live with kellie and michael." >> he looked great and offered his take on that third quarter power outage. >> we're all watching the game obviously and you guys have the
5:45 pm
commanding lead, you're in control. you have a 33 minute power outage. did that almost cost to the game? >> you are saying 33. it was 84 minutes. >> you are not on the field. >> yes. >> you want to keep our momentum as a running back, you want to keep yourself out. we are still sitting and the power goes out. >> do you think someone from the 49ers' pulled the plug? >> i do not know what happened. the only thing i can say now is i am glad i am a super bowl champion. >> we're glad you are, too. the ravens are the champions. joe flacco will make his appearance as well on friday at 10:00 a.m. right here on wbal tv. >> now, your 11 insta-
5:46 pm
weatherplus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> a few years ago, hard to believe it has been a few years, the first in a series of blizzards in 2010 were rolling in starting late in the evening on february 5 and 6 and dropped an incredible amount of snow in many areas to be followed by another blizzard a couple of days later. we had nearly 50 inches of snow for most areas in one week. elk ridge led the way with 38 inches of snow in a two-day period. there were others over 30 inches. westminster were digging out from nearly 30 inches. here we had 26 inches. at b w i marshall, 20 inches.
5:47 pm
three years ago today. this year, no snow. temperatures were pretty normal. 44 for the high. the record high 72 set in 2008. we saw some cloud cover but that thinned out as the day when john and allowed for some sunshine to get temperatures back to normal. it is still relatively mild. temperatures in the 40's. 20's around frost bird in carroll county. cold tonight with mostly clear skies and diminishing wind. the close to get as low as 20 in the line suburbs. closer to 30 at the inner harbor. there is an area of low pressure developing. a weak front is cutting through with some gusty winds. the winds will die down but the storm is starting to organize and they will produce an nor'easter. the impact will be north of us. new jersey of toward nyc into boston. maybe philadelphia catching the end of it.
5:48 pm
getting past the evening rush hour and heading toward the -- midnight. then it is raining, moderate to heavy. for time in philadelphia in the mountains to the north and west, friday night as the storm draws back in, the rain will change to snow. the storm system pulls away later in the day saturday. if you're going north, beyond the lookout for some heavy snow friday into saturday. cloudy skies tomorrow. 35 to 40. wynns on the day at five to 10 knots and waves averaging 1 foot. friday morning rush hour could be impacted. changing perhaps back to snow when we could get an accumulation before that storm
5:49 pm
leaves us later in the day saturday. sunshine on sunday and rain on monday. >> the postal service announced it will be ending saturday mail delivery. that could save the cash strapped agency billions of dollars. >> a staple of americana is going away. >> delivery will occur monday through friday. we will not delivered or collect mail on saturday. >> it is a move that the postal service has wanted to make for years but says is necessary to cut $2 billion from its already struggling budget. >> it would be irresponsible for the postal service not to pursue this course. >> the mail will be delivered to homes and businesses monday through friday but only packages will be delivered on saturday. while local post offices will continue to operate as they always have on saturday. doing -- including delivery to
5:50 pm
p.o. boxes. the plan has broad support. >> 7% of americans said they will support the plan. given financial conditions. >> even though it is an independent agency, it has to get congressional approval. with losses at $16 billion, many in congress agreed the postal service has to do something to stay current. >> even the government is no longer using the post office. >> it will shift focus to shipping where believes it can make money and the plan to drop saturday delivery to save money will start august 5. >> some good news as home depot
5:51 pm
is expected to hire associates for the spring. the company says if you're interested now is the time to apply. adding the many seasonal jobs turn into permanent positions in the end. the new employees will be assigned responsibilities based on their previous retail or home-improvement experience and based on the needs of individual stores. are you ready for another fare sale from southwest airlines? it is offering flights for as low as $49. you have to book by thursday for travel between april 3 and june 8. here's a couple of examples when you fly from baltimore to orlando. $89.10 way. traveling closer, baltimore to boston for $49.10 way. for more details, go to our website, and click on consumer. >> hundreds of the latest models of cars, trucks, and suvs are
5:52 pm
rolling into baltimore for the next three days and you're allowed to check them out and even test drive them. this is the motor trend national auto show setting of this morning at the baltimore convention center and they're pretty cool. from the latest models from sports rights to luxury rides, their policy not the best of what they have to offer. the show opens tomorrow and runs through sunday. hundreds of marylanders converged on the state capitol this afternoon. as the governor makes his pitch to pass a comprehensive measure that he says is in the name of public safety. the public's -- details new at 6:00 p.m. >> parents are lobbying on capitol hill. the approach for safety in youth sports. sports.
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>> for young man across the nation is one of the biggest decision of their young lives. xm until this room for these denver high school student athletes and their parents as they chose schools from west virginia to the university of maryland to james madison university. on top of the financial help they received over the next four years, a year of grant school is also included in their
5:56 pm
scholarships. just in time for national signing day, officials with the youth sports alliance are calling for sweeping changes. when it comes to protecting student athletes. the efforts to improve interim measures are in schools. >> this alliance is on with real people. parents and student athletes who have suffered real losses due to sports accidents. some of those accidents may have ended differently of people on the field had better training and resources, they argued. beneath the excitement there is a risk. this was the hit nearly a year ago. >> i was -- i would have at least been a possible paraplegic. >> the school athletic trainer recognize the injury and protected his spine. he has since recovered. his mother is sharing their story with lawmakers. >> we couldn't just walk away
5:57 pm
and say we're lucky. we have to carry the message. things were not right on that day -- went right on this day because the school was prepared. >> here from san diego with the youth safety sports alliance pushing an action plan. it would require schools to create athletic health care programs. >> it is about what is not being done and what needs to be done to provide a safe environment for kids. >> the national athletic trainers association estimates less than half a pie schools have access to athletic training services. she knew little about brain injuries before football tackle killed her son, matthew. >> after matthews accident, it was like our eyes were opened. >> she is also on capitol hill. fighting for better education
5:58 pm
and for schools to better treat school injuries. lisa hopes lessons from her son's tragedy will keep other children safe. the national athletic trainers association counts 34 sports related fatalities. even more were injured. they suffered more than 2 million injuries a year. >> that is all for us at 5:00 p.m. here is what is coming at 6:00 p.m. >> a school trespassing case turns into the seizure of an arsenal of high-powered assault weapons in anne arundel county. we will explain. >> one of the largest crowds in recent memory rallies against the governor's gun- control bill. baltimore headed for financial ruin? 11 news at 6:00 p.m. starts right now. >> or watchung wbal tv 11.
5:59 pm
live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> began tonight with a developing story out of anne arundel county. an incident at a high school led to the seizure of several weapons. >> authorities released some of the details late this afternoon. we have the latest from miller's ersville. >> this incident started as intrusion into north county high school in glen burnie and ended with a seizure of a host of high-powered weapons and ammunition from the intruders home. school was still in session on monday. justin beaumont got into the high school through loading door. he was a school student in 2001. he started to talk to an employee and a school resource officer, revealing he

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